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Are you married?
  • Nope, but I am engaged.

What's your favorite sex position?

  • Although it sounds boring, I love a guy on top of me.  I love feeling his weight on top of me has he slides in and out.

Spit or swallow?

  • Spitters are quitters!

Hard and fast of soft and slow?

  • Really depends on the situation.  I like to start soft and slow but it always ends up hard and fast.

Biggest you have ever had?

  • About 11".

Are your tattoos real?

  • Yes both the Queen of Spades and the "Slut" tattoos are real.

Queen of spades?  Do you exclusively sleep with black men?

  • No, my fiance is white.  Although I love black men, I love cock more.  I am an equal opportunity slut!

Boob size?

  • 38F

Do you like anal?

  • Not usually.  It has to be the right guy and the right situation.
  • !

What's the kinkiest thing you have done?

  • I have been to glory holes, adult theaters, nude/swing saunas, had BBC gnagbangs, and hosted BBC hotel parties.  It's hard to pick which has been kinkiest.

You're a swinger?

  • Yes, usually more of a hotwife.

How much do you hate condoms?

  • I loathe them.  Totally necessary at parties, in public places, and in most group situations, but when I'm one on one with someone I prefer someone who has been tested so it can be bareback.

Where do you like guys to finish?

  • Deep inside me.